CONFEDERATE NUMISMATICA Reference books with historical notes and price guides for collectors of Confederate Numismatica
  • CONFEDERATE NUMISMATICA 2018 SUPPLEMENT ONE (More Forerunners + The Confederate Chemicograph Backs)


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    84 pages : 5 ½ x 8 ½ : soft cover, spiral bound : over 200 color images

    Hello again - welcome to another installment in the ongoing CONFEDERATE NUMISMATICA series. Each new release will add a little bit more to the body of published information for collectors of Confederate numismatic memorabilia.


    -This release is a two-sided book – on one side is the section “More Forerunners Through 1889” which shows items found since Confederate Numismatica Part 1 was published in 2016. Here are a few highlights……………

    • A new heading – “Anti-Confederate Medalets”

    • An extremely rare, crudely made “Bull’s Run” medal (three known!)

    • Raphael Thian’s personal Master Album of Confederate notes

    • Three more Davis Flight Medals, two with images (total known now 13)

    • A superb condition iron Merrimac armor plate token

    • Full color images of the extremely rare ACSTD Membership badge (Association of Confederate Soldiers Tennessee Division)


    -Then flip the book over and the other side offers the feature article “The Confederate Chemicograph Backs Revisited” – and here’s a few highlights…………………

    • The first ever detailed study illustrating the 38 known Chemicograph backs and their reverse varieties, grouped in four separate printings as originally produced 1880 to 1958

    • Three of Straker’s Developmental Essay proofs

    • All six of the original Chemicograph printing plates collected by Philip H. Chase

    • A two page “Quick Reference” which summarizes the Chemicograph printings

    - From The E-Sylum, August 12, 2018 .......... 


       “Every bit as well done as his groundbreaking Part One, this supplement provides a great deal of information and photos on this long-neglected but historically important area of American numismatics."

       “Peter’s first-ever article cataloging the Chemicograph backs by their four printings is thorough and well illustrated (in color). An important addition to any library on U.S. numismatics.  (Wayne Homren - Editor)



    - From The E-Sylum, Sept 5, 2018……….


       “Peter Bertram has done it again! He has collected obscure information and compiled it into an excellent reference book!”

    About “The Chemicograph Backs Revisited”... “As the first ever cataloging effort of a subject about which so little is seemingly known, Peter presents us with a thoroughly researched and well written book." (From a review by Harold Levy)