CONFEDERATE NUMISMATICA Reference books with historical notes and price guides for collectors of Confederate Numismatica
  • Confederate Numismatica - Part 1: Forerunners through 1889


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    200 pages : 5 ½ x 8 ½ : soft cover, spiral bound : 700+ images (over 90% in color)


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    -The first illustrated listing of Breckinridge/Lane 1860 Presidential Campaign medalets since Sullivan’s now classic 1981 reference. Some 15 previously unlisted items are noted, including all four varieties of the ribbons based on the remarkable steel-plate engravings of John Buttre.

    - 50+ listings of “Wealth of the South” mulings from two Civil War era auction catalogs.

    - Illustrated history of the Confederate Cent and all its descendants from 1861-2005.

    - Many collectors are not aware that two varieties of the “A United South” token are now known and the book lists and illustrates both.

    - With an appreciative nod to the work of Randall Wiley and Bill Bugert, a table and several detailed panels are included to assist collectors in determining which 1861-O half dollars were struck under Confederate authority.

    - A capsule history of Confederate currency and images of all 72 type notes.

    - A detailed history of the Confederate Great Seal, along with detailed illustrations of eight collectable reproductions of the Seal.

    - Images of all 10 currently known Davis Flight Medals along with a short history of the Confederacy’s last days to put them in context (first time in print).

    - 20 pages of postwar medals, badges, and ribbons followed by a detailed listing of Confederate ladder badges identified by Type Numbers.


    - From The E-Sylum, July 31, 2016………

    Confederate Numismatica fills a void in the canon of American numismatic literature” (Wayne Homren)

    “… a landmark work …” (Wayne Homren)

    “I had no idea that some of the items even existed! (Harold Levy)


    -From The NUMISMATIST, November 2016……….

    “… offers a wealth of information. …” (Bookmarks: Cynthia Wood-Davis)


    -Individual comments……….

    “Exceptional book! A must for anyone collecting Confederate coins, medals, tokens, etc. VERY well written--an excellent source reference!” 

    (Stephen DeFreytas)

    "...a great piece of work..."  : "...found it useful several times."  : “I'm very glad to have it on my shelf.”  (John Kraljevich)

    “….a truly excellent work! The historical notes are indispensable to appreciating the specimens presented and the price guide is invaluable to appreciating their worth”   (Dr. M. Wellton)